I’m creating a post so I can find these specs easier – I swear every time someone asks me for them I have to scrounge for them and Google doesn’t have 1 page that’s very helpful.  Now, I’ll have the Google AdWords text ad specs handy:

Title length max: 25 characters including spaces.

Subject line 1 max: 35 characters including spaces.

Subject line 2 max: 35 characters including spaces.

Display URL: 35 characters including www. if you include that prefix.  If you enter more than 35 characters Google will just truncate everything from the 36th character on.

For some examples of acceptable ads and destination URL info, click HERE.  There are some different lengths/specs depending on which country your in but what’s listed above is for US searches.

For all the AdWords specs, click HERE.  Summary: don’t be a clown when you write your ads.  Don’t spam the title or descriptions, don’t overuse a term or word, don’t use goofy abbreviations or gimmicks, and you can’t use anything that’s copyrighted or trademarked either.


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