Yes, I’m writing a review of a vacuum cleaner.  And as usual, I include certain measures of humor and hyperbole.  I realize this has nothing to do with the majority of what I blog about while also proving that something I once considered “interesting for an old person” completely blew me away.


My wife and I are very clean people.  When others come over to our house, they always remark at how neat and tidy and clean everything is.  My wife and I take pride in taking care of our home and everything in it.


Let me further preface the rest of this review by saying Stanley Steamer had been to our house and steam cleaned our living room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom carpets – and some furniture cushions – only a few weeks ago.

I start this review with those statements because after buying a Dyson D17 vacuum cleaner on Target’s Black Friday sale, then using it on our living room and bedroom, I realize that we had unknowingly been living in absolute filth for quite some time.  Please check out my review of this unit with actual pictures from using it in my living room below.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Handy attachments
  • Length of detachable wand
  • Design (it’s eye catchy)
  • Auto-adjusts height to floor
  • On-off switch for beater bar
  • 5 year warranty


  • Expensive – but you get what you pay for here
  • Hair can get wound around beater bar – typical of most vacuums though

HOW WE GOT IT (entertaining)

The wife and I went to Target at 2:00am on Black Friday 2010 to get in line not with the hopes of getting a killer deal on a flat screen tv, but with the hopes of getting a killer deal on a vacuum cleaner.  You see, the vacuum cleaner we’d been using literally started smoking a while back, got tossed to the curb, and we needed a new one.  While the realization that I was going to stay up late to get in line with mom’s looking to save money makes me feel old, at least I was a smart-er old person.  No lie, there were at least 2,000 people in line at the Target where we were camped out for the 4:00am door opening (we were within the first 300 people or so).

So the doors open, we rush in, buggies are ramming, elbows are flying, we find our vacuum cleaner, and check out saving about $180.  We were about the 5th customer to leave that morning becoming the proud owners of a Dyson D17 vacuum cleaner.

THE BEAST - Dyson D17 All Floors Vacuum Cleaner


At first glance, the box even comes with a handy carrying handle! (made for a nice trip to the counter to check out amidst the mad dash of moms with buggies)  The box also outlines some of the specs of the vacuum cleaner, and even has a diagram on how to open the box – follow it – and then save the box because it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Upon opening the box you find a bag of accessories, the telescoping handle, and the main body of the unit.  Pretty simple diagrams to follow and within a few minutes your Dyson D17 vacuum cleaner is ready to go to work.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the handle to recline so I could start using it – I was used to a button to press with my foot to unlock the handle and start using it – but with the Dyson, you just press the power button near the handle, hold your foot on the bottom part, pull the handle back to you and you’re off and running.

I read a number of reviews about this model before buying it.  I looked at several Dysons and settled on this one because it was on sale and the reviews everywhere were very consistent.  People complained it was too heavy, it was too strong, it was too loud.  All of that is rubbish.  People also remarked at how powerful it was at pulling dirt and hair off of anything.

I can tell you that it’s noticeably quieter than any indoor vacuum I’ve ever used, it’s is amazingly strong (a good thing, right?), and it’s not any heavier than a typical vacuum cleaner.  I’m sure it’s heavier than the super light Oreck models, but with the results this thing gets, I can endure a little arm work out to clean my house.

Like I said, after just a few minutes of assembly and saving the box, you’re off and running.  While my wife was decorating the Christmas tree, I decided to test our new vacuum on the half of our living room that wasn’t covered in boxes and cases for decorations.  This is what my Dyson D17 sucked up in only ½ of a clean living room – trendy shag carpeted floor which had been professionally steam cleaned 3 weeks ago:

First half of the living room vacuumed.

My wife and I nearly vomited.  We had no idea that much lint and dust had settled into our carpet.  Like I said, we’re very clean people, we keep a nearly spotless home, and this was in half of our living room.  We were scared to keep using it because of what it would suck up.

So I moved on to our bedroom and vacuumed the floor in there, this is what it sucked up:

Half the living room + the bedroom = GROSS

After vacuuming half of our living room and bedroom, the canister was filled to capacity.  The carpet was standing straight up, I could see down through the fibers to the very base of the carpet and it was SPOTLESS.  You can literally feel the cleanliness with your bare feet now, I’ve never been so impressed – and disgusted – at the same time.

In doing my comparative research, I learned that vacuums are rated by AW (Air Watts) – a measurement of just how hard a vacuum sucks air while in use.  This vacuum operates at 220 AW and through Dyson’s technology it never loses suction power.  I mean, this thing REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCKS HARD!  On some reviews, users were upset their carpet had been torn by this vacuum cleaner.  To me, that doesn’t scare me off and it’s not that I’m Tim “The Toolman” Taylor looking for more power, rather, I want a quality small appliance when I’m spending several hundred dollars.

And let me tell you, this thing is extremely powerful.  When my wife used the detachable wand to suck up glitter from our ottoman, she got bug eyed with surprise because the attachment sucked instantly to the top.  I mean, you almost have to be careful using it because it can get away from you in a hurry.  The best attachment for crumbs or dust or glitter sized debris is the brush attachment.  You don’t have to worry about it sucking the end to what you’re cleaning.

And best of all, all the attachments fit neatly on the unit.  And they fit securely.  The last vacuum cleaner I had didn’t hold the attachments very well, with this Dyson, they clip on securely and I’m not having to pick them up oh so inconveniently.

But like I said, the canister was full so while she kept decorating, I emptied it.  Super, super simple process.

You just press a button, the whole canister pops off, and you’re essentially holding a giant coffee mug filled with sand, dirt, grass, hair, lint, dust, etc.  You press a button on the handle of what you’re holding and the bottom of the canister just flips open.  So imagine holding your big coffee mug over a trash can, press the button, and all the debris falls out of the bottom.  DONE!

And to make sure you get all the stuff out, there’s another handy button you press to detach the handle part of your giant coffee mug with the rest of it, allowing for super-super ease of cleaning.

So what about the other half of the living room?

As soon as the wife was done decorating, I jumped at the chance to use this beast and this is what was in the carpet of the other half of our living room:

2nd half of the living room after emptying the above pic

Like I said, we are very, very clean people.  Not quite neat freaks, but almost.  We clean our house very regularly and had Stanley Steamer clean our carpets only a few weeks ago and the Dyson D17 sucked the above debris, dirt, dust, lint, etc out of the very carpets that had been professionally shampooed.  This coincided with another review I read – on I think – where a user’s husband rented a Rug Doctor, shampooed the carpets, and the next day she got her D17 and had similar results.

I can tell you that this was a great deal and a great investment by me and my wife.  This vacuum cleaner will change our well-being in our own home simply by removing dirt and grime from our home.  My recommendation to you: buy one.  I hate glitter, our artificial Christmas tree sheds, and this Dyson D17 vacuum cleaner became my best friend. Now, there is no more glitter.  No more dust.  No more dirt.  No more sand.  No more lint.  Ever.

Best wishes to you and your vacuum cleaner search.

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